Deliverance Ministry Zine

The Value of Deliverance in Christianity


Even the most faithful follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will sometimes confront challenges. All children of God The Almighty will be wounded, rejected, abused - and it's through these wounds that we're most exposed.


It's weaknesses and the wounds that devils usually use against someone, to hold them. And until the individual is set free, sin and compulsive behavior will rule their world.


The deliverance ministry can lead our sisters and brothers to spiritual triumph over the devils in us. Through casting out the demons one can be freed from bondage and defeat the powers of darkness.


Pre-requisites of spiritual deliverance


Yet, real freedom will not come as one measure. Successful internal healing and deliverance can only be realized once the strongholds are torn down, the legal rights are removed, and once the afflicted one has received and felt the Holy Spirit within their heart.


May be you are asking is there anyone who can make the devil stop hurting me? Quite rarely can one achieve these without proper spiritual guidance from an Exorcist Minister. It is therefore important that you get and trust deliverance practitioners that are qualified.


Everyone's Prayer for Healing


The good thing is that while you might have already been possessed by devils, it was never the will of our Lord Jesus Christ as he never changes. He still is replying and delivering anyone who does call his name in truth and spirit.


Deliverance ministries can be your means to overcoming obsession, addiction, beating depression, mental torment or another emanation of demonic bondage. Should you be prepared to cast out the devils that you experienced, you then can send us a prayer request and experience the power of prayer in the comfort of your own house, through deliverance online.


Do I have to prepare for deliverance ministries?


It's of critical importance that you will be yearning for independence from demonic possession. You should be prepared with strong beliefs and readiness to forgive and let go of sin. For more info about deliverance ministry, visit


Only with your own support can the heavy burden be torn down, enabling us to carry on with casting out the demons.


And just through your own readiness can we remove legal rights, which permit the devils to stay in us. We must forgive others before we can be forgiven by God, and we should have the ability to admit our sins before we're prepared to be set free from spiritual bondages.