Deliverance Ministry Zine

The History of Deliverance Ministry with Jeff Reeds


The church was founded in 1984 in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi with the mandate from God with Martin Luther King, Jr. The power house started to witness and teaching simply having bible study through visiting house to house.


Today, the deliverance ministry is guided by the help of Bishop Jeff Reed along with his first lady Tina Reed. With their help, they are able to continue training generation of leaders wherein they train important leaders which is very hard to find. In order for them to accomplish this, they believe that through this, they are able to secure the future of the generations to come.


Part of the teaching in this ministry at is the doctrines of evil and this is listed under the doctrines of demons which teaches that man can add to what Jesus Christ has already accomplished on the cross. Well in reality, what Jesus Christ did is necessary to save any sinner. And for people who tell you that you have to sacrifice on you own or do good deeds in order to add what has Christ has done is actually a false teacher. For any doctrine that adds or simply delete some of the works that Christ sis on the cross to save the sins of the world is evil. This is a false teachings and if you spread false teachings, then you belong to the demons. If you happen to have demon problems then it is important that you seek the help of the deliverance ministry headed by Jeff Reeds. He does not charge anything since it is his calling to help and serve the people.


Just to give you a background about Jeff Reed, he is Civil Engineer and contractor by profession while he is also a pastor speaker and a bible teacher. As a speaker, Jeff travels all over the country and even abroad to preach, teach and train people for them to be effective in being a Christian. Jeff Reed also owns and operates Reed's Masonry LLC while he is also an elected councilman. Apart from that, he is also the founder as well as the instructor of the Adullam School Ministry levels 1 and 2. The ministry is designed to educate and help strengthen the body of Christ. He also has written book entitled "Bent Nails" and "Chipped Bricks" and by reading this book, you will know that setbacks are only setups for you to comeback. Check out for more details about deliverance ministry.